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Live Music at Salem Hospital

September 2016   |   Phil Wyman

Davenport 8 is the cardiac wing of Salem Hospital. Pastor Phil was there last year when he had that crazy blood infection that settled in his heart and spine. You might remember that he got terribly bored, so he walked around the floor playing his guitar, and it became somewhat of a hit on Davenport 8. He's back in the hospital! This time he's just playing music once a month for the staff and patients at Davenport 8.

Paul Duffy is another one of the musicians playing once a month as a volunteer at Davenport 8, and we are looking for even more musicians, who are willing to donate a couple hours a month to bring some healing tunes to the patients and staff at Davenport 8. As you can see, Phil made the latest newsletter for the workers on Davenport 8. Interested in helping bring a little joy to the patients in the cardiac wing? Give us a call.
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Halloween Fountain Stage

August 2016   |   Phil Wyman

The Fountain Stage has had its home at the large fountain in front of the Museum Place Mall on Essex Street in Salem for the last 13 years. It has been run by locals, and supported by locals.

This stage offers high visibility to the over 500,000 people every October, and has the respect and love of Salem locals and the visitors who come from around the world. You can visit the Fountain Page website at Salem Halloween Fountain Stage. Please consider supporting this longest running outdoor free entertainment stage in the city of Salem.

Burning Religion

August 2016   |   Phil Wyman

Pastor Phil's book Burning Religion was published October 2015, and is available on Amazon as an interactive e-book, or in print. Burning Religion: navigating the impossible space between religion and secular society is a multi-genre book covering elements of philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, autobiography, poetry, and Carnivalesque tall tales in a thesis suggesting that making peace between disparate worldviews is not possible in any lasting way through typical moderate or third-way approaches. So called "radical" approaches are not radical enough. Finding lasting peace requires something wild. Burning Religion suggests that the wildness of the Carnival just might hold the key we are looking for. You can buy Burning Religion here.

The Palette of Your Life

January 2015   |   Phil Wyman

The Palette of Your Life was an interactive art project made from 24 wooden pallets. It represented the clock the calendar and seasons of the year, and the points on a compass. It also was a blank canvas for adults and children to express their New Year's resolutions.
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Thanksgiving as a way of Life

November 2014   |   Phil Wyman

Thanksgiving as a Way of Life

Pastol Phil And Gathering Staff Continue “Children’s Day” Tradition

October 2012   |   Ryan Mooney, Boston Globe

Ryan Mooney, writing for The Boston Globe, highlights Salem's Haunted Happenings, and gives a special shout out to Pator Phil and The Gathering for continuing their annual "Children's Day" event, held in Salem Common.
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Finding Jesus at Burning Man

July 2012   |   Phil Wyman

How God made himself known at one of America’s most hedonistic gatherings.
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The Shelf Life of God

August 2008   |   Katie Meier

Matt loved Jesus, you were supposed to believe. And you would have. The very moment you first see Matt, all round, wide eyes that are set deep just above an adorable smile, Matt convinces. But he was full of it....
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Christians and Atheists Start a Calmer Dialogue

May 2007   |   Jane Lampman

Atheist militancy followed Christian vehemence; now some on both sides see the need for cooler rhetoric.
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Befriending Witches is a Problem in Salem, Mass.

October 2006   |   Suzanne Sataline, The Wall Street Journal

SALEM, Mass. -- The Rev. Phil Wyman presides over a small evangelical church here that befriends local pagans and folks who call themselves witches. It's an odd mission, even in Salem, a city where tourism capitalizes on infamy -- the mass hysteria of 1692 in which 20 men and women were executed for practicing witchcraft...
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Church Severs Tie with Salem Branch: The Gathering Chastised for Getting Too Close to Witches

October 2006   |   Tom Dalton

SALEM - A small evangelical Christian church that has tried to reach out to the witch community says it was dropped by its national organization for getting too close to local pagans. The Gathering at Salem, which will give free "psalm readings" at tonight's Halloween celebration, has been relegated to the status of independent Christian church after being removed last March from membership in the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, a worldwide evangelical movement based in Los Angeles, according to Phil Wyman, pastor of The Gathering...
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