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The video was a fundraiser to try and remain in the facility we had been part of for 7 years. It was a Herculean goal we did not achieve, but we were not discouraged. We are back to the goal of re-establishing ourselves in downtown Salem, and are looking for partners who identify with our goals to make that happen.

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Since moving out of our location in downtown Salem in August of 2013, we have been a nomadic group - meeting in homes, meeting in parks.... We are now working toward re-establishing ourselves in downtown Salem. We are in need of raising about $1,000 a month to make this move happen. You can help the Gathering reach this goal, by joining the monthly support team, by clicking the "subscribe" button.Send Email to Pastor Phil

Our Story:
We are a little church with a mammoth mission. Our church is small, but thousands pilgrimage to our site every year. 1 Million people plus come to Salem, MA every year, and we are planted in the middle of the tourist path to meet them, and offer spiritual counseling. This is a project bigger than ourselves, and that's why we need your help.

The dream It has expanded to the world:
The Burning Man Festival - Almost 60,000 people arrive in the Nevada desert at the Burning Man Festival each year, and we are there with big interactive spiritual pursuit art projects. Hippie Rainbow Gatherings, Spirituality Festivals - these are places people are going, instead of going to church. We think Jesus would choose to join them. Help us join Him in this mission.

We are urgently in need of your help to continue this wild mission into a wild world into a post-Christian world, which starts in our unique little city of Salem, MA. We have come to end of our means to continue this massive mission to the local Salemites, the million tourists, and the other festivals we visit to share God's love.

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