What do we believe?

We are just trying to follow the simple ways of Jesus in this complicated world. Thus we are short on rules, and long on relationships.

Some Definitions

The Gathering: The church, and the group of people who regularly meet together for spiritual growth.

Interdenominational: Inclusive, and comprising of varied Christian traditions.

Open: The style of our gatherings which allow for times of free interaction or participation.

Our Statement of Faith in Christ

I believe in Jesus, born of a virgin,
Who died for our sins,
and rose again to bring eternal life
to all who believe in Him.

I believe in Jesus, Who healed the sick,
caused the deaf to hear and the blind to see,
and still does so today
through the prayer of faith.

I believe in Jesus, sitting at the right hand
of the Father in heaven, Who by His authority empowers His people with spiritual gifts
through the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

I believe in Jesus,
Who will someday return again in the clouds
to bring justice to the earth,
and every eye will see Him,
those who love Him, and those who deny Him.